Coral reefs offer some of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems on Earth. Find out how a new study explains the connection between land forests and preserving this vital undersea habitat.

In this part of the world, shipwrecks and rock formations are divers’ main attractions. Unlike most of my neighbours, I don’t go south in the winter, so I’ve never experienced diving…

Planet formation remains one of the mysteries of astrophysics. Find out how a new study sheds light on the process and offers a new method for future research in the field.

Everyone had stars and planets on their minds in the 60s and 70s. Yet, nobody seemed to be curious about where worlds like Earth come from.

Even today, planet formation is essentially a mystery. Scientists explain the formation of our solar system using a model called the nebular theory.

Model Called…

Cosmic Queries is a new book written by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and James Trefil and published by National Geographic. Find out how this book balances education and entertainment in a highly readable volume.

Everyone feels a sense of wonder when they think about the grandeur of our Universe. As a result, we’ve all asked ourselves some fundamental questions from time to time.

I mean questions like, “What is our place in the Universe?”, “Are we alone in the Universe?” “How did it all begin?”

Humanity Relied on Storytellers

Grizzly bears and humans have very similar needs in terms of diet and habitat. Find out about a fascinating study’s connection between bear DNA and human language groups in British Columbia.

Later, as we were paddling along the shores of the Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit, we noticed a bear lazily foraging along a ridge. He was minding his own business, and so were we, so we passed each other by without any trouble.

British Columbia is one of the last places…

Bird evolution has helped scientists understand how natural selection works since the time of Darwin. Find out how a species of birds in Indonesia demonstrated how rapidly evolution can take place.

Bird evolution has a long tradition of teaching scientists about the processes of descent with variation and natural selection. Beginning with Charles Darwin in the Galapagos Islands, biologists have looked to changes in bird species to shed light on the processes driving biodiversity.

Charles Darwin took part in a survey voyage aboard the HMS Beagle between 1831 and 1836.

Hubble tension is the difference in results that scientists get when they try to measure the rate at which our Universe expands. Find out how a new study may have split the difference and loosened the tension between two camps of researchers.

The Hubble tension refers to the discrepancies scientists have found between two ways of measuring how fast our Universe is expanding. That rate of speed is called the Hubble Constant, and it has a long history of being tricky to pin down.

The discrepancy matters because cosmologists need an accurate expansion rate to estimate the age of the…

Lightning strikes have played a part in theories on the origin of life since Darwin. Discover how a new study sheds more light on the role of lightning in bringing life to our planet.

It was all over before anyone realized what had happened. The tree was about twenty feet from the house and now looked like a burnt matchstick.

That’s the tremendous power of lightning, and thankfully, we rarely see it from that close. Lightning can destroy and create.

Lightning Can Destroy and Create

Dare to Know

Dare to Know, published by David Morton Rintoul, is aimed at those who find meaning in understanding our universe, our place in nature and our humanity.

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